PPG Terms of Reference

Patient Participation Group

Terms of Reference


Title of the Group: St James Medical Centre Patient Participation Group (St JMC PPG)


  1. Aims of the Patient Participation Group (PPG)

1.1       To facilitate good relations between the GP practice and patients by communicating patient experience, interests and concerns and providing feedback to the practice on current procedures and proposed new developments.


1.2       To work collaboratively and positively with the practice to improve services and facilities for patients and to act as a sounding board for practice staff on issues affecting patients.


1.3       To build two-way communication and co-operation between the practice and patients, other individuals and organisations in healthcare, and the wider community to the mutual benefit of all.


1.4       To act as a representative group to support the practice and influence local provision of health   and social care.


1.5       To grow the PPG and include a diverse and representative range of the practice’s patients.



  1. PPG Structure and Membership

2.1       Membership of the PPG shall be open to all registered patients. Membership will reflect the patient profile and be widely representative and inclusive of different genders, ethnicities, ages and abilities as required in the GP contract.


2.2         All registered patients of the practice are eligible to become members of the St JMC PPG.  Removal of a patient from the patient list will mean that they will cease to be a member of the PPG.


2.3       The PPG will be non-political and non-sectarian, and will at all times respect diversity and exemplify its commitment to the principles contained within the Equality Act.


2.4       The carer of a patient registered with the practice can be a member of the PPG even if they are not a patient at the practice.


2.5       The St JMC PPG shall elect a Chair and Secretary. Depending on the numbers of member participating in the social media group, Moderators may also be elected. Other posts may be created on a proposal from the PPG.


2.6       The PPG shall hold quarterly meetings to maintain an active PPG. The PPG will extend an open invitation to practice staff to attend its meetings as agreed with the practice manager.


2.7       To support the PPG, promote regular interaction with the practice and extend its reach, the PPG will be maintained via a social media group. The St JMC PPG may create an in-person PPG to help include representation from those who do not wish to use social media/technology. A member of the PPG will be made responsible for liaising with the in-person PPG and ensure that no one is excluded. There will be a standing item on the PPG agenda reporting any key themes, issues or suggestions that have been identified by any member of the in-person PPG to help ensure its members are engaged.


2.8       Members of the in-person PPG will follow the same Code of Conduct as those in the St JMC PPG.


2.9       Elected roles, if not vacated before, will last two years. The St JMC PPG will be able to re-elect or elect a new member to the role via a poll. Elections will be communicated in advance to allow candidates to propose why they should be elected.



  1. Management of the PPG


  1. The PPG shall meet no fewer than four times a year. The PPG elected roles and practice representative may meet more regularly for planning purposes if required.
  2. In the absence of the Chair, those members who are present shall elect a Chair from among the attendees.
  3. Decisions shall be reached normally using a poll via the St JMC PPG social media group. However, if a decision is required during a scheduled meeting, decisions shall be made by simple majority of those present and voting.
  4. In the event of a tied vote/poll outcomes, the Chair will decide the outcome.
  5. The Secretary shall produce minutes of meetings to be considered and approved at the following meeting of the PPG and subsequently share these via the St JMC PPG on social media.



  1. Confidentiality


5.1       All members of the PPG must be made aware of the need to always maintain absolute patient confidentiality. Any member whose work on behalf of the PPG includes work in the practice or consulting with other patients or members of the public should sign and return a copy of the practice’s Confidentiality agreement before undertaking any such activity.



  1. Code of Conduct


All PPG members must abide by the Code of Conduct shown.



  1. Activities of the PPG


  1. Obtain the views of patients who have attended the practice about the services delivered by the practice and obtain feedback from its registered patients about those services.
  2. Review any feedback received about the services delivered by the practice with practice staff and relevant members of the PPG with a view to agreeing the improvements (if any) to be made to those services.
  3. Contribute to decision-making at the practice and consult on service development and provision where appropriate, expressing opinions on these matters on behalf of patients. However, the final decisions on service delivery rest with the practice.
  4. Act as a sounding board to provide feedback on patients’ needs, concerns and interests and challenge the practice constructively whenever necessary, also helping patients to understand the practice viewpoint.
  5. Maintain a PPG area in the waiting room of the surgery with up-to-date information on current activities and opportunities for patients to comment (e.g., via a suggestion box). The PPG will, where possible, regularly meet and greet and engage with patients in the waiting area.
  6. Raise patient awareness of the range of services available at the surgery and help patients to access/use such services more effectively.


  1. Signed agreement

NB: To ensure a jointly agreed approach by the practice and PPG members, this section should be signed by both parties. 

These Terms of Reference were adopted by St JMC PPG at the meeting held on the below signed date and may be reviewed according to emerging needs.


Signed by:  ………………………………………………………………PPG Chair        Dated ……………………

And ……………………………………….General Practice representative.      Dated……………………