Extended Hours / Improved Access

Extended Hours

We offer pre-booked appointments on Saturday mornings 8:30am to 11:15am inclusive and on alternate Wednesday and Thursday evenings 6:30pm to 20:15pm inclusive.

These will be either telephone or online consultations, not face to face; they are pre-bookable only and include doctor and practice nurse appointments.

You will need to contact the surgery by telephone to arrange this on 01823 285400.

Improved Access

This is a new initiative across Somerset whereby patients can make appointments at extended times (up until 8pm at night Monday-Friday and on Saturday mornings) at other practices across the local area.

Practices included in the scheme are listed on the poster below; appointment types will vary, some being face to face and some on the ‘phone’, they may be with a doctor but could also be with another healthcare professional such as a primary care practitioner or a nurse.

We are keen to balance the importance of continuity of care with convenient access for patients whilst ensuring that the service is safe. Therefore, in order to access this service please contact us on the usual surgery number so that we can help signpost you to the most appropriate option for your particular problem.

By contacting us we can fully explain the process, ensure that the booking is appropriate (as we hope to be able to meet your needs by offering an appointment with your usual GP) and cover all the relevant information (and consent) that we need to before we book an appointment for you.

Further Information is available via the links below: